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Potentially Deadly Flowers

Potentially Deadly Flowers – Basically, flowers serve to beautify a room or place. However, there are several types of flowers that are poisonous and can kill people. Not infrequently this poisonous ornamental plant is accidentally consumed by children or pets at home. Even the bad effects that occur can cause death.

Potentially Deadly Flowers

1. Dollar Plant (ZZ Plant)

The dollar plant is one type of ornamental plant that is often placed in the corner of the room.

Although this ornamental plant is generally placed indoors, it must be realized that all parts of the dollar plant contain toxins.

A recent study says that all parts of the dollar plant are toxic because they contain oxalate compounds, which can cause skin irritation and itching.

If you or your little one accidentally touches the leaves of the dollar plant, you should immediately wash your hands with soap until they are completely clean. Use gloves when intending to move from one corner to another.

2. Elephant Ears (Caladium)

Elephant ear as an ornamental plant belongs to the taro and taro family which store toxins.

Although the shape and color is very beautiful as an ornamental plant, elephant ear leaves can cause the walls of the respiratory tract to swell and even block the entrance and exit of air.

Also avoid children from this ornamental plant, the little one who likes to explore can rub elephant ears into his hands. In fact, this will cause the skin to itch and feel like there is a burning sensation.

The leaves of this ornamental plant when ingested can trigger swelling of the tongue and mouth. In the long term, the effects can result in difficulty breathing.

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3. Lily flower

Lily flowers are beautiful ornamental plants when decorating every corner in the house. The white color of the lily flower looks elegant, so many people like it.

According to a study from the US Food and Drug Administration, lilies are not only beautiful, but Hemerocallis can harm pets.

When Mama’s pet at home tries to lick or eat lily leaves, even a little can have a negative impact because it causes stomach pain and vomiting.

Not only that, the poison from lily flowers can cause pets at home to experience acute kidney failure and even death.

4. Tongue-in-law (Sanseviera)

One type of ornamental plant that is quite popular and favored by many people is the mother-in-law’s tongue. This plant adorns every pot in the house.

If you pay attention to its shape, the mother-in-law’s tongue has a shape like a sword. Although it looks beautiful, it should be realized that this ornamental plant is poisonous, even though the poison level is not too high.

Side effects that can be caused from this plant can trigger vomiting and diarrhea.…

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