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Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty

Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty – There are many types of flowers in the yard and even around us. Flowers are not only to decorate plants but can also be used as a beauty ingredient. With the development of technology, there are many natural ingredients that have benefits for beauty, including flowers. However, not all types of flowers can be used for beauty. Therefore, this time we have summarized the types of flowers that are beneficial for beauty. Come on, take a look!

Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty

1. Roses that can moisturize the skin

Surely Mama is no stranger to roses which are often used as ingredients in skincare. Roses are often used as face masks, rose water, lotions, and even moisturizers.

Roses have anti-bacterial properties that can function optimally to control excess oil on the face and also overcome acne problems. In addition, roses can also hydrate the skin so that the skin will remain moist and not dry.

2. Chamomile flowers are rich in benefits

Rarely known, but chamomile flowers have many benefits for skin care. This is evidenced by the chamomile flower which contains anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties. With these properties in chamomile flowers, the skin will become more elastic and can help reduce redness on the skin.

Usually the benefits of chamomile can be felt through natural oil products or as a mask that is useful for soothing the skin.

3. Lavender flower that can control sebum production

Usually lavender flowers are used as essential oils, not only that, it turns out that lavender flowers have benefits for the skin, namely making sebum production more controlled. Lavender flowers can also provide a relaxing effect and reduce tension on the skin so that the skin becomes calmer. Usually lavender flowers are used as face masks and creams because they have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

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4. Jasmine flower that can clean pores

Not only used as a decoration that is usually found on the bride’s crown, jasmine also turns out to have benefits for beauty, you know.

Jasmine flowers are high in antioxidants and can be used for powerful anti-aging treatments. Jasmine flowers can help to clean the pores and can hydrate the skin so that the skin becomes more moist.

5. Marigold flowers that can overcome acne problems

Maybe Mama is a little unfamiliar with this one flower. This yellow flower with a beautiful round shape is usually scattered on Indian soil. Marigold flowers, also known as calendula, have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce dark spots and acne on the face. In addition, marigold flowers can also soothe irritated skin and provide moisture to the skin.…

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