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Types of Aromatherapy Plants and Their Benefits

Types of Aromatherapy Plants and Their Benefits – Often daily activities make you tired, to treat fatigue, of course, you will find ways according to your choice, such as relaxing at home, exercising, or just doing self-care etc.

One of the most favorite activities is relaxation, there are several ornamental plants that have a distinctive aroma, so they are suitable as natural air fresheners which are very refreshing. Aromatherapy plants are a form of therapy or recovery carried out with essential oils or also known as essential oils. These essential oils are obtained from several aromatic plants which can also produce aromatherapy oils that are used for recovery.

There are several types of aromatherapy, the most common being from different types of plants. The following types of aromatherapy plants can provide benefits

Basil Plant

The basil plant is a plant that is often consumed as fresh vegetables by the community, as well as a food flavoring.

The basil plant contains many compounds that are good for the body, such as flavonoids, saponins and carotenoids. Basil leaf extract can be used as an herbal remedy, which can refresh and relieve pain in areas of the body. Basil leaves are efficacious to calm, reduce and relieve stress.


Many aromatherapy products use lavender as an essential oil. Lavender is an ornamental plant that has purple flowers and is also an anti-mosquito plant. Because the scent of lavender is not liked by mosquitoes.

Sedulur can do how to make aromatherapy oil from this plant. In addition to mosquito repellent, lavender is also a plant that has a very fragrant aroma that can have a good effect on various diseases, such as headaches, migraines, flu and is also used as an antidepressant drug.


Peppermint has benefits as a decongestant, anti-spasmodic and stimulant. The fresh and cool aroma of peppermint can be used to treat nausea, fatigue, and dizziness.

Peppermint can increase concentration, increase energy, improve the digestive system, help skin irritation and rashes. Peppermint can also help eradicate bacteria, viruses and parasites present in the digestive tract. Another benefit of peppermint is that it can smooth sinus and lung blockages, activate skin oil production and cure itching.

Bergamot Plant

The bergamot plant has green leaves and has a shape resembling an orange tree. The color of the bergamot fruit itself is like an orange or lemon. This plant can be used as aromatherapy, because the extract from this plant is often used as an ingredient for perfume.

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There are acetic compounds, linalool alcohol and linalyl in this plant. This plant also has antidepressant properties and can treat stress and improve mood. And can treat anorexia, overcome excessive anxiety and depression.

Jasmine flower

This flower that has a very beautiful and charming shape can be used as aromatherapy, the fragrance contained in the jasmine flower that underlies it. The scent of jasmine flowers can increase alertness and improve mood.

Many air freshener products use jasmine flowers as the main ingredient. Many types of jasmine flowers and also various types of colors that produce different aromas. If Sedulur wants to be calmer, it is very suitable to use jasmine flowers as a fragrance in the house.


This flower which is a symbol of love and affection can also be used as aromatherapy and has been used for a long time, apart from being aromatherapy, roses are also used as a natural medicine to eliminate several diseases. The phenolic compounds contained in roses are the answer.

Phenol compounds can have anti-inflammatory properties, which can protect the body from some harmful substances that can damage the body. Generally, roses are often used as a remedy for pain and also antiseptic. Therefore, the aroma produced by roses can make the body and mind calmer.…

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