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Types of Flowers that are Healthy for Consumption

Types of Flowers that are Healthy for Consumption – Some flowers are widely used to beautify and are very useful for decorating homes or plants in the yard. But in fact, not all flowers can only be used to beautify the room. But it turns out that it is not only unsightly, some of the flowers below are also delicious to eat and apparently have many benefits that can nourish the body.

What are the types of beautiful flowers that can be consumed? Let’s see.

1. Nasturtium flower
This flower with thin bright orange petals has a slightly sweet taste with a slightly spicy sensation like pepper. This flower is commonly used as a topping or a mixture of ingredients for salads or pasta as a flavor enhancer.

2. Dandelion flower
This group of flowers from the Asteraceae family is also often consumed either the leaves or flowers. The leaves of this plant are usually used as fresh vegetables or stir-fried with various other ingredients and spices. The flowers of this plant can also be processed by frying them dry with flour.

3. Saffron flower
Saffron flowers are one of the most common and popular flowers to be added to cooking ingredients, Saffron flowers have a slightly sweet taste and are usually used as additional ingredients for making sweet foods. Saffron flowers are also famous for their very rich and healthy nutritional content. Saffron flowers contain nutrients and vitamins as well as anti-cancer and anti-aging substances.

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4. Kecombrang flower
Kecombrang flowers are also common and popularly used as additional ingredients for cooking in Indonesia. In addition to its delicious taste, kecobrang flowers also contain many nutrients including saponins, phenolics, flavonides, alkaloids, tannins, triterpenoids, glycose, steroids, polyphenols, antimicrobials, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

5. Apple blossom flower
This beautiful flower is not only pleasing to the eye, but also has a taste that is no less delicious. Apple blossom flowers have a taste similar to apples and are usually used as a mixture for making salads or for topping pasta and ice cream mixtures.

6. Elder flower
In Europe, ordinary and common elderflower is made into a fresh drink with a unique taste. Elderflower drink contains a rich content of bioflavonoids, flavonols and oleanolic acid, which are able to treat coughs, colds, sinuses and can also be used as a laxative and anti-allergic. But be careful because this flower stalk has poison.…

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Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty

Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty – There are many types of flowers in the yard and even around us. Flowers are not only to decorate plants but can also be used as a beauty ingredient. With the development of technology, there are many natural ingredients that have benefits for beauty, including flowers. However, not all types of flowers can be used for beauty. Therefore, this time we have summarized the types of flowers that are beneficial for beauty. Come on, take a look!

Types of Flowers that are Beneficial for Beauty

1. Roses that can moisturize the skin

Surely Mama is no stranger to roses which are often used as ingredients in skincare. Roses are often used as face masks, rose water, lotions, and even moisturizers.

Roses have anti-bacterial properties that can function optimally to control excess oil on the face and also overcome acne problems. In addition, roses can also hydrate the skin so that the skin will remain moist and not dry.

2. Chamomile flowers are rich in benefits

Rarely known, but chamomile flowers have many benefits for skin care. This is evidenced by the chamomile flower which contains anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties. With these properties in chamomile flowers, the skin will become more elastic and can help reduce redness on the skin.

Usually the benefits of chamomile can be felt through natural oil products or as a mask that is useful for soothing the skin.

3. Lavender flower that can control sebum production

Usually lavender flowers are used as essential oils, not only that, it turns out that lavender flowers have benefits for the skin, namely making sebum production more controlled. Lavender flowers can also provide a relaxing effect and reduce tension on the skin so that the skin becomes calmer. Usually lavender flowers are used as face masks and creams because they have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

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4. Jasmine flower that can clean pores

Not only used as a decoration that is usually found on the bride’s crown, jasmine also turns out to have benefits for beauty, you know.

Jasmine flowers are high in antioxidants and can be used for powerful anti-aging treatments. Jasmine flowers can help to clean the pores and can hydrate the skin so that the skin becomes more moist.

5. Marigold flowers that can overcome acne problems

Maybe Mama is a little unfamiliar with this one flower. This yellow flower with a beautiful round shape is usually scattered on Indian soil. Marigold flowers, also known as calendula, have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce dark spots and acne on the face. In addition, marigold flowers can also soothe irritated skin and provide moisture to the skin.…

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Types of Flowers to Celebrate Graduation

Types of Flowers to Celebrate Graduation – In celebrating a loved one’s graduation, surely some people want to celebrate it and give him a sweet surprise. Today many people are giving surprises by using flowers. But it’s not just random flowers. The following are the types of flowers that are commonly used for graduation days

1. Rose

For a long time, roses have been used as symbols of various things. In fact, in Ancient Rome, many people used roses as confetti during celebrations and as a source of perfume. During the 17th century, roses were so valuable that nobles used them as a means of payment.

Roses are iconic flowers that symbolize love, beauty and romance. Although not infrequently, people give red roses to people who are considered important, whether it’s friends or family members can also give these flowers on graduation day to show love and admiration.

Types of Flowers to Celebrate Graduation

2. Orchid

Orchids are one of the flowers to celebrate graduation day. In addition to being used as ornamental plants, it turns out that several types of orchids can be used as a beautiful flower arrangement to be given as a symbol of congratulations. The orchid flower symbolizes beauty, pure elegance, and strength. Orchids are included in the ‘VIP’ flower range, it’s only natural that the price is relatively more expensive than other types.

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3. Daisies

Daisies are quite popular, you know. Not only beautiful, but this flower can be used as a gift as a congratulations on graduation. Flowers to celebrate this graduation day, have many color variants ranging from white, purple, green, blue, red, yellow, and others. Behind each color, has a different meaning. White daisies mean purity, purple means beauty, green is serenity. Daisies themselves have a meaning that symbolizes hope and happiness. With a beautiful meaning, daisies are suitable for choice as a graduation flower bouquet.

4. Chrysanthemum

Bursting with bold colors, these next graduation flowers are simply eye-catching. People in the Victorian era believed that white chrysanthemums meant truth and red chrysanthemums symbolized love. In Chinese culture, chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity and is taken as a tea for good health. If your partner is about to graduate, consider a bouquet of red and white chrysanthemums to represent true love.…

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Potentially Deadly Flowers

Potentially Deadly Flowers – Basically, flowers serve to beautify a room or place. However, there are several types of flowers that are poisonous and can kill people. Not infrequently this poisonous ornamental plant is accidentally consumed by children or pets at home. Even the bad effects that occur can cause death.

Potentially Deadly Flowers

1. Dollar Plant (ZZ Plant)

The dollar plant is one type of ornamental plant that is often placed in the corner of the room.

Although this ornamental plant is generally placed indoors, it must be realized that all parts of the dollar plant contain toxins.

A recent study says that all parts of the dollar plant are toxic because they contain oxalate compounds, which can cause skin irritation and itching.

If you or your little one accidentally touches the leaves of the dollar plant, you should immediately wash your hands with soap until they are completely clean. Use gloves when intending to move from one corner to another.

2. Elephant Ears (Caladium)

Elephant ear as an ornamental plant belongs to the taro and taro family which store toxins.

Although the shape and color is very beautiful as an ornamental plant, elephant ear leaves can cause the walls of the respiratory tract to swell and even block the entrance and exit of air.

Also avoid children from this ornamental plant, the little one who likes to explore can rub elephant ears into his hands. In fact, this will cause the skin to itch and feel like there is a burning sensation.

The leaves of this ornamental plant when ingested can trigger swelling of the tongue and mouth. In the long term, the effects can result in difficulty breathing.

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3. Lily flower

Lily flowers are beautiful ornamental plants when decorating every corner in the house. The white color of the lily flower looks elegant, so many people like it.

According to a study from the US Food and Drug Administration, lilies are not only beautiful, but Hemerocallis can harm pets.

When Mama’s pet at home tries to lick or eat lily leaves, even a little can have a negative impact because it causes stomach pain and vomiting.

Not only that, the poison from lily flowers can cause pets at home to experience acute kidney failure and even death.

4. Tongue-in-law (Sanseviera)

One type of ornamental plant that is quite popular and favored by many people is the mother-in-law’s tongue. This plant adorns every pot in the house.

If you pay attention to its shape, the mother-in-law’s tongue has a shape like a sword. Although it looks beautiful, it should be realized that this ornamental plant is poisonous, even though the poison level is not too high.

Side effects that can be caused from this plant can trigger vomiting and diarrhea.…

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This Ornamental Flower Smells Fragrant

This Ornamental Flower Smells Fragrant – Are you interested in maintaining ornamental plants that can refresh the room? If so, you can choose air-purifying plants such as peace lily, yellow palm, chrysanthemum, mother-in-law’s tongue, and gerbera.

In addition, you can maintain ornamental flowers that also have a fragrant smell. The scents of flowers that you smell may evoke emotions and feelings that you have, maybe even inspire you. The scent of flowers can also give a sensation of calm when you smell it. Here are some fragrant flowers to plant in your yard.

Evening Flowers – Polianthes tuberosa

Tuberose flower is a flower that has a fragrant aroma at night, which is the origin of the name of the flower. Tuberose flower is a plant that is thought to have originated in Mexico, which was called by the name omixochitl by the Astecs.

Tuberose flower plant is also a type of flower that is quite often used in the perfume industry. You need 3600 kilos of tuberose flower to make half kilo of tuberose oil. But because the solution is very concentrated you only need a few drops. Tuberose flower is a plant that grows very well in the lowlands. This flower has an aroma that is often described as an exotic and exciting fragrance. Its unique and complex aroma makes this flower considered a perfume ingredient that is truly a champion.

Roses – Rosa spp

Who is not familiar with roses, flowers of many kinds. This flower is often a symbol of love and beauty. In Greek mythology the rose was considered sacred to several gods such as the goddess Isis and Aphrodite, and became the national flower of England.

Roses with dark colors usually have the most memorable scent. Types of roses that have a real rose scent are red and pink roses. In white and yellow roses the aroma is similar to lemon and violet flowers, and nasturium flowers.

Roses are plants that also have high economic value. This flower is widely grown for commercial purposes as cut flowers or perfume raw materials. Currently, roses are developed using the in vitro technique so that they do not depend on the season.

Hyacinth Flower – Hyacinthus orientalis

The name hyacinth on this flower comes from the Greek which means rain flower. There is a legend in Greek mythology about the name hyacinth flower which symbolizes memory in Greek society. Legend about Apollo who accidentally killed a young man named Hyacinth.

This flower that has a variety of very bright colors will emit its fragrance when the flowers bloom. When the flowers are still in bud, the aroma is soft, but when they bloom, the scent of this flower becomes very strong. The oil extracted from this flower is also quite expensive.

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Lavender Flowers – Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender is a plant that comes from the Mediterranean sea area to Africa and India. This flower is included in the type of grass plant that is widely cultivated to be used as an essential oil. The scent of lavender is thought to provide a calming feeling.

The types of lavender that are often grown for fragrance are Lavandula angustifolia, Lavandula latifolia, and Lavandula stoechas. If you want to grow lavender, then you have to plant it in a place that can be exposed to sunlight for six hours or more.

Geranium Flower – Pelargonium graveolens

Geranium flowers may be familiar, the type of flower that is often used as a mosquito repellent plant material. Geranium itself is a flower that usually has stacked petals. This flower comes in various colors including pink and white.

Freesia flower – Freesia refracta

Freesia flowers are native to southern Africa, from Kenya to South Africa. This type of flower is found in the Cape Province area. The name freesia itself comes from a German-born botanist and health practitioner named Friedrich Freese.

Flowers of freesia come in a variety of beautiful colors, and also have a fragrant aroma. For some people, freesia has a scent like mint, honey, and strawberry. But for some others feel the aroma of freesia flowers such as soap, wood, and also the smell of citrus.

This freesia flower is often used as a flower bouquet for weddings, this is because of its various colors, besides symbolizing sincerity, loyalty and trust. The fragrance is the inspiration for the perfume industry to create perfumes with the scent of freesia flowers.…

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Plants with Beautiful and Colorful Motifs

Plants with Beautiful and Colorful Motifs – Plants are a sedative for lovers, plants are believed to calm the mind and get rid of one’s negative emotions.

Nowadays, ornamental plants have become something more lucrative, which are used as a means to refresh the mind. Various unique plants are a must-have pride.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful and beautiful flowers, the uniqueness of the patterns and colors is also an interesting thing. Here are some ornamental plants that have very attractive striated leaves, interesting again because they are suitable for growing in the room, you know. Listen, let’s.

1. Sansevieria fischeri

This dark green and light green patterned plant only grows to about 12-15 inches. This ornamental plant is also often referred to as the mini tongue-in-law, because the stems are very similar. Just like the tongue-in-law plant, Sansevieria fischeri is also suitable for indoor conditions, you know.

2. Peperomia watermelon

Peperomia argyreia or commonly called peperomia watermelon, has a color that is more like watermelon skin. This watermelon peperomia has thick, round leaves with a distinctive blend of colors, namely dark green and silver striated. So it looks like a watermelon, right?

3. Cryptanthus zonatus

Is a type of ornamental plant that is beautiful, with shades of tenderness. This plant has a blend of white and is decorated with a very attractive purplish red. This plant also likes indoor conditions, you know.

4. Aphelandra squarossa

Due to the blend of leaves that are similar to zebra skin, this beautiful plant is also known as the zebra plant. It has thick, zebra-like patterned leaves with white veins that look great on dark green foliage. Collection mandatory, here.

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5. Chinese evergreen

It is an aglonema type plant, which has a firm color blend. This plant with pale green stems and green leaves with white streaks likes indoor conditions with low light and high humidity. Suitable for decorating the corner of the room.

6. Calathea zebrina

Often referred to as the fan god calathea, this plant is pretty leafy with a velvety feel. It has a striking, bold blend that more closely resembles a zebra skin. This plant is also popular as an ornamental plant that is easy to care for, you know.

7. Flaming sword

Original named vriesea bromeliad, this beautiful plant is also more commonly referred to as the fiery sword plant. The leaf stems of this plant have a beautiful hue and color with deep green tones decorated with white ribbons like a zebra print.…

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Easiest Kinds of Flower Plants to Care for

Easiest Kinds of Flower Plants to Care for – Seeing flowers blooming in the garden may be liked by many people, but it is not often found that people are lazy or too busy to take care of flowers. Now for those of you who belong to this type, you really have to read this article.

Who doesn’t like flowers? Besides being beautiful, flowers can also beautify your home, you know. However, most flower plants often have extra care so that many people are lazy to plant them at home.

Eits, but take it easy, here are the following flower plants that can still decorate your home without needing a lot of maintenance. What are the flower plants? Just take a look at the list below.

1. Interest at nine o’clock

This nine o’clock flower or which has the Latin name Portulaca grandiflora is better known as purslane. It is named the nine o’clock flower because this one flower will bloom at nine in the morning and will start to wither in the afternoon.

Even though they have the same leaf shape and other structures in plants, the flowers that grow are different. Different both in terms of color and shape of the petals.

So it’s not surprising that even though it is considered a wild plant, the nine o’clock flower is now in great demand by the public. In addition, maintenance is also quite easy, just by watering it every day and placing it in a place exposed to the sun.

2. Cambodia Japan

Cambodia Japan has another name Adenium. At first glance, the stem of this flower plant is very similar to bonsai, you know. Not only is it beautiful, planting this one flower plant is also very beneficial for busy people like you.

The reason is, you don’t need to water Japanese frangipani too often because it is able to store quite a lot of water reserves like a cat or succulent. Besides that, Japanese frangipani is also heat resistant, you know. In fact, Japanese frangipani will bloom during summer.

3. Euphorbia

Even though they have unique and beautiful flowers, make no mistake, euphorbia has a stem filled with thorns. In fact, this is the advantage of this one plant.

No wonder a few years ago, euphorbia was so popular on the market and loved by many people. Even though there are not as many euphorbia fever as before, it still doesn’t hurt to try to plant this one flower plant, really.

Just give fertilizer for once a month and water it with enough water, then the euphorbia is guaranteed to flourish and will bloom beautifully.

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4. Bougenville

This one flower is often referred to as a paper flower. Having colorful petals, usually Bougenville, will be very beautiful to decorate the front yard of the house. No wonder, many people choose to care for Bougenville at home.

Not only that, another reason Bougenville is so popular is because it has a very easy treatment method. You don’t need to water very diligently in the morning or evening. Only water once to twice a week. Because if watered too often it will actually interfere with the growth of this one flower.

5. Celosia

If you are unfamiliar with the name celosia flower, maybe you will not be familiar with chicken’s comb flower. Yup, this flower looks like a chicken’s comb, guys. Having a series of beautiful colors of celosia flowers will very beautifully decorate your home page.

Maintenance is also quite easy, the important thing is that the celosia flower plant is exposed to sufficient sunlight, water it once a day and provide fertilizer. If you don’t have a large area, you can plant celosia in media such as pots or polybags.…

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The Rarest Flower in The World

The Rarest Flower in The World – Flowers are one of the most popular plants, with their beauty and fragrance. With so many enthusiasts of flowers it also resulted in the scarcity of several types of flowers.

When it comes to the animal kingdom, the word rare is definitely a disaster. How not, animals that are categorized as endangered usually have a low population, and are even threatened with extinction. But as it turns out, the word rare doesn’t sound too horror to associate it with plants.

Unlike animals, some plant species are very picky in choosing a place to live. The seven flowers below, for example, are categorized as rare not only because they are small in number, but also because they only grow in certain places. Reporting from worldatlas.com, here are the seven rarest flowers in the world. Sttt..one of them is in Indonesia, you know!

1. Middlemist Red

Originating from mainland China, Middlemist Red is the rarest flower in the world. Surprisingly, even though it comes from China, this flower does not exist in China but in England and Zealand. So, this Middlemist Red flower was first discovered by John Middlemist in 1804.

The inventor then took him to London to be developed. Unfortunately for some reason, China then eliminated these beautiful flowers, which ultimately made their existence very rare. Currently there are only two Middlemist Red specimens in the world, one in London and the other in New Zealand.

2. Jade Vine

While Middlemist Red is rare because it was deliberately eliminated, Jade Vine is rare because they only grow in the rainforests of the Philippines. This flower plant vines up to 13 meters long and grows as high as 3 meters. The flower itself is shaped like a claw with a turquoise color.

Sadly, the existence of Jade Vine is getting more and more cause for concern every year because the Philippine rainforest is increasingly deforested and makes the habitat of this flower even more threatened.

3. Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid or Ghost Orchid is another rare flower whose existence is very difficult to find. You can actually find the Ghost Orchid Habitat in three countries, namely Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas. Unfortunately, this flower is very difficult to develop.

They have no leaves, are not dependent on photosynthesis for their own food, and live dependent on other plants. In Cuba, the Ghost Orchid only grows on evergreen trees that are in the forest.

In addition, they can only grow in places with high temperature and humidity. This flower only blooms between June and August, and it only blooms for three weeks. Interestingly, every time it blooms, the Ghost Orchid will emit a fragrant aroma like soap.

4. Corpse flowers

You must be familiar with this one flower. Just like Jade Vine which only grows in one place, corpse flower also only grows in lowland rain forest in Sumatra, Indonesia.

It is called the corpse flower because this flower will smell bad when it blooms. With a strong aroma, the corpse flower will attract flies and beetles for pollination.

The corpse flower can grow to 6 feet tall with a green exterior, and a red inner flower. What makes it even rarer is that this flower only blooms for one week every 30 or 40 years.

5. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

In the past, Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers could be found in various countries in Europe. Today, this flower which is shaped like a women’s shoe can only be found in London.

Not only are they picky in their choice of habitat, Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers are also very difficult to propagate and take years to grow and bloom. Due to these conditions, Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers are included in the list of plants protected by law in the city of London.

6. Chocolate Cosmos

Unlike the corpse flower scent that makes us cover our noses, the aroma of Chocolate Cosmos flowers will actually make you addicted. Yup, as the name implies, this flower will smell like chocolate when it blooms. The problem is only one, this flower is very rare.

In their natural habitat in Mexico, the Chocolate Cosmos flower has been extinct for nearly 100 years. Fortunately, experts managed to clone this plant and reproduce it in 1902.

7. Youtan Poluo

Of all the flowers on this list, the Youtan Poluo flower is the rarest. What makes these flowers so rare is not because their habitat is threatened with extinction, and not because they only grow in certain places, but because they only bloom once every 3,000 years.

Unlike other flowers, Youtan Poluo can grow anywhere, even on metal. They are also very small and white. But even though it is only 1 mm in size, the aroma of Youtan Poluo flowers is very fragrant when it blooms and can spread everywhere in a fairly far radius.…

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